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Vegan MoFo: Roasted Sweet Potatoes and Turnips with Kale

*Vegan MoFo Day 3*

First of all, I wanted to thank everyone for their well wishes.  My husband is actually doing very well in recovering.  We are very grateful.  So, thank you again for your thoughts and prayers- he actually wanted me to add that this dish if one of his favorites 🙂

So this is pretty much my go-to dish.  If I am starving, happy, sad, whatever…this is the dish that always seems to satisfy my every craving.  It is SO comforting and so simple.  Even if you don’t like sweet potatoes or turnips or kale….or all three maybe, give this dish a try- it is so amazingly delicious I think it could win over the most skeptical of palates.

3-4 small/med sweet potatoes
2-3 turnips
2 bunches of kale
olive oil
sea salt
Balsamic Vinegar (Optional)

1. Preheat oven to 400
2. Dice sweet potatoes and turnips into 1/2 to 3/4″ cubes
3. In a large mixing bowl, lightly coat the cubes with olive oil and place into baking dish
4. Try and spread cubes out as much as possible so most of them will get crunchy (ie delicious)
5. Bake for 30-40 minutes or until as caramelized and as crunchy as you desire
6. While roasting the root veggies, chop kale as small as possible.  Remove the large inner spine and pile the leaves on top of each other.  Then chiffonade finely and, if desired, chop further until you reach your desired microscopic size.
7. The kale can be made two ways:

  • The first would be to place in large open pan with a small amount of water to steam cook. The kale won’t be as crispy this way, but towards the end, when the pan is more dry, the kale can pick up some crispiness with some dry frying.
  • The second would be to lightly spritz with oil and bake in oven for less than 10 minutes.   This can make the kale extra crispy.

8. Mix together kale and root veggies
9. You can season this dish with simple sea salt, however, my personal way of eating this dish is to lightly dribble some balsamic vinegar on the finished product right before I eat it.  Not too much, a little can go a long way, but the taste of the balsamic and the sweet potatoes and the kale …YUM

Note:  You don’t have to have the turnips but they add a wonderful additional flavor to the dish that I think really rounds it out.  The kale, too, makes this dish even healthier and more yummy.  But that doesn’t mean that I haven’t been completely satisfied with some sweet potatoes with a splash of sea salt and Balsamic if that’s all I had on hand.

The kale... steaming away!

The kale... steaming away!

Sweet Potatoes + Turnips + Kale = A Threesome Made in Heaven!

Sweet Potatoes + Turnips + Kale = A Threesome Made in Heaven!

Yum! Really, such a comforting dish :)

Yum! Really, such a comforting dish 🙂


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