My Babies

Meet my treasured ones:

Ferris (Left) and Phoebe

Ferris (left) and Phoebe

My two angels.  Rescued literally off the streets of Harlem.  They each only have three legs.  Both had their left hind leg cut off by come evil sick wacko.  They were only four weeks old when they were found, bleeding, starving under a bush in Harlem.   Now you would never even know they were *impaired* because, really, they aren’t.  They run faster than any cat I have had with four legs.  They zoom up their 8′ cat tree in milliseconds.  They are an inspiration and they remain completely devoted to each other.  It’s truly a site to see.  Even though they are almost 4 (*sob*) they still play like kittens, furiously groom each other and wildly play together as they did when they were babies.  Ferris has always had a very outgoing almost dog-like personality.  Phoebe, however, had more emotional damage from her past.  She went from being very shy, timid and fearful as a kitten to being extremely loving and physically affectionate.  Her love and spirit has been allowed to blossom and grow and it’s been an honor to be able to help it along.   Both of them constantly make me laugh out loud with their senses of humor (yes!) and their crazy antics.  They are the loves of my life and I cannot imagine a day when they will not be here with me.

Holly Marie and Frankie Lee

These are our two buns- both rescue of course.  I’m still trying to find a decent pic of them, but basically their story is: We rescued Holly when we were still living in NYC.  She had been abandoned in a box that was too small for her in front of a pet store.  She had been up for adoption for a while but no one wanted her.  She is a fierce little thing, did not like to be picked up (which is actually MORE common in buns- will elaborate later) and, in general, wasn’t the cuddly little bunny everyone wants.  However, we saw her unique charm and brought her home with us.  We were new bun parents and taking care of bunnies has a pretty steep learning curve.  However, with the help of her foster mom and many many books we learned.  We learned that too many people buy bunnies from pet stores thinking they are going to be the “perfect pet” for their child.  However, in general, rabbits are better companions for adults.  Look for a post on rabbit adoptions to come.  Then a few months after we adopted Holly, we had moved back to out home state, and did a “meet up” with another rabbit rescue.  We basically brought Holly and did “speed dating” if you will.  ALL the buns are fixed of COURSE !  (but they don’t know that 🙂 Holly had met one rabbit before Frankie (another rescued bun) and they did not mesh well.  When it was Frankie’s turn, it was love at first sight and they haven’t had one lover’s quarrel ever since.  They spend their days, in their enormous three story rabbit mansion pressed against each other in love.   At night, when they are let out they binky and frolic together.  What a life! Oh and how do they get along with the cats?  The buns are in charge, of course!


3 responses to “My Babies

  1. bless you for taking in those babies….someone many years ago dumped a blind dog in my yard…he lived with me for a good 10 years and was the sweetest boy in the world. We have a semi-feral kit now…trapped him in a have-a-heart…again so sweet but still afraid of people….and yes always adopt….pound pups and kits are the best

    • Thank you so much for your comment. It sounds corny, but we are the lucky ones to be blessed with the company of these amazing wonderful animals. I am so honored to be able to share my life with such incredibly loving and intelligent creatures. Your dog was so lucky to have crossed your path- amazing that someone was ready to just give him up, while he had to many more years to live in happiness. Thank God for people like you. Good luck to you and your new kitten! Time may heal his mistrust of people, it certainly did for our Phoebe. Even if it hadn’t we would have loved her just as much. Our bun, Holly, still isn’t the most physically affectionate, but we love her who who she is- grumpy and all 🙂

  2. *sigh* truly blessed that God selected you to be these little angels’ guardian

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