Vegan MoFo


Ok, so this is my first year doing Vegan MoFo and I’ve already fallen down on the job for my first day.  Basically, for the entire month of October, Vegan bloggers everywhere (well, sort of) are committing to post about vegan food every weekday (about 20 posts).  I worked several night shifts this week and have been feeling under the weather, so my first day is starting tomorrow…unless inspiration strikes me in the middle of the night…which it may because my internal clock is alll screwed up.  Ah night shift, how I loathe thee.   Also, I am supposed to come up with a theme, which I also forgot to do, which is going to be a surprise! Stay tuned!


I am vowing to have my theme figured out before the end of the night….I was thinking of veganizing my Russian grandmother’s old recipes.  I was looking in an old Russian cookbook she gave me called, The Best of Russian Cooking by Alexandra Kropotkin (1964).  The first recipe I open up to is, no joke, “Calves Brains in Mayonnaise”.  Honestly, I don’t know what grosses me out more: the calves brains, the mayo (I have always been a mayo-phobe), or the fact that they are combined together.  Now, I don’t remember my grandmother cooking calves brains when I was little…but I do remember the cabbage pie, Kulichi, Pascha and other yummy dishes.  My dream is to be able to veganize Pascha….if you don’t know what Pascha is…well, it’s pretty much the unhealthiest food in the world.  It is a traditional Russian Easter dessert and when you first hear about it, it sounds absolutely revolting:

a mixture of cottage cheese

farmers cheese

a billion hard boiled eggs


about 5 lbs sugar


I’m not kidding…But it is ohhh so good.  I, obviously, have not partaken in the Pascha since going vegan (I’m probably the better for it, too), but I would love to be able to veganize our old family recipe.  We shall see.  Considering it is almost entirely comprised of animal ingredients it will prove a challenge.  Maybe not for VeganMoFo…but I vow to one day, on the eve of Russian Easter, show up to the Russian Orthodox Church basement and proudly place my rockin’ vegan Pascha next to the other traditional dishes cooked by the Russian Ladies of the congregation.  We’ll see if they can tell the difference!


4 responses to “Vegan MoFo

  1. That Pascha has some crazy ingredients. Go on – vegnaize it…you know you wanna.
    Happy MoFo’ing!
    Don’t stress too much just do your best and most importantly have fun.

  2. Pascha sounds interesting. I always kept some challenging recipes around for when I felt like tackling them.
    Have a fun vegan mofo! I look forward to reading more.

  3. I’m of Hungarian descent and dying to veganize some traditionally Hungarian foods with some funky ingredients as well. Good luck with the Pascha…

  4. I really hope you could veganize this for MoFo! It does seem like quite the challenge, though. Welcome to VeganMoFo!

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