The Quest to Find Vegan Tomato Soup

I’m an admitted tomato-holic.  Honestly, if a dinner doesn’t have tomatoes in it, it can never measure up to its tomatoey counterparts.  Salsa is not only a snack, but a yummy breakfast, lunch or dinner. I am also a soupaholic.  So you can imagine tomato soup is a win-win (win?) for me.   Along these lines, one of my FAVE meals is grilled cheese dipped in tomato soup.

Ironically, since going vegan three years ago, I have had an easier time finding yummy vegan cheeses than finding vegan tomato soups.  Yes, yes, I can make my own, which is admittedly pretty easy.  But sometimes you just don’t have time to cook up an entire soup and it’s a whole lot easier to go canned.  That said, of course, I always look for low sodium (if possible) organic soups, but I could never find a vegan tomato soup!  Well, I’ll admit there are one or two boxed soups out there, but they never tasted like the good old fashioned basic soup I was going for.

Well, today was the Day.  Shopping at MOM (My Organic Market) I beheld a glorious sight on the shelves before me: Muir Glen Organic Tomato Basil Soup!  It’s new! It’s Vegan! It even SAYS “vegan” on the front! I immediately went home and made myself a lovely Grilled Cheeze Sandwich (Daiya Cheese is AMAZINGGG!) and dipped it in my new perfect soup.  What could be better?  It’s just the perfect blend of tangy tomatoey sweet goodness with small tomato bits in it with the perfect amount of fresh basil to round it out.  5 Stars!


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