Arizona/Utah Recap!

Honestly, I don’t think people are too interested in the complete ins and outs of a stranger’s travels. However, I can give you the basic rundown of places visited (NOT in order):

Arizona Run Down
~ Fossil Springs, AZ– hiked, camped, swam, accosted by suicidal beetles flying into our fire pit… awesome!
~ Pine and Strawberry, AZ– Adorable little towns!! In Pine grocery store:

Me: “Excuse me, do you carry soy yogurt?”
Grocer: “SOY Yogurt…? (looking at me like I am an alien) No…we don’t have SOY yogurt *smirk*….But we do have Yoplait!”

~ Flagstaff, AZ– BEST vegan pizza @ New Jersey Pizza on Cedar Ave HIGHLY recommended. Offers vegan options and all ingredients are local and their origin listed. Great people 🙂
~ Sedona, AZ– Two amazing vegan restaurants here, D’Lish (vegan and raw) and Chocolatree (all raw) both places DELICIOUS!! Wish there were places like that here in MD! Also, on our way out of town witnessed the flash flood at Tlaquepaque and helped rescue people being dragged away with our handy rope from our trunk. Just another day…
~ Tucson, AZ– Stayed at Alta Vista Bed and Breakfast for our anniversary. HIGHLY HIGHLY recommended. Extraordinary people, warm welcome, accommodates vegans with delicious custom breakfasts. Adorable and sweet rescue dog named Emma 🙂 Beautiful setting right next to Saguaro Nat Park West, hot tub, pool etc etc etc. We saw more wildlife in our first moments at Alta Vista than we did in the whole of our trip. We will be back- thank you Gaila and Peter! Tucson is wonderful, much hiking at Saguaro National Parks, Mt. Lemmon etc MUCH to do!

Utah Run Down
~ Zion Nat’l Park – Wow. Just …Wow…Serene, gorgeous, there really are no words. LOVED camping at Lava Point. Much drama here including but not limited to: cop pulling us over, literally killing the rental car on Kolob Reservoir, losing car keys and missing shuttle to top of Narrows, begging for a ride to trail-head of narrows, starting day 1 Narrows hike 6 hours after everyone else had, stealing campsites and not to mention two near death experiences IN the Narrows (no I am not being dramatic). Loved it, amazing experience…definitely one that made me a stronger person.  Actually may write a short blurb on the Narrows if I have time.
~ St. George, UT – Camped 2 non-consecutive nights at Snow Canyon. HIGH recommendations…amazing place…perfect car camping place for people who hate car camping. Best of both worlds. Surrounded by gorgeous red rock and wildlife and yet you can shower! Much appreciated after 2 day hike in Zion’s Narrows (!!)

A lot more happened- we had a simply marvelous time and now we must return to real life.  Will post a couple pics when I get my act together….I am still doing laundry!!


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