Vegan Camping

So we’re headed out west for a canyoneering/backpacking trip in AZ and Utah this week.  If I never post again it is probably because we were swept away by a raging flash flood.  This is really the first time we’re able to get away this year and we are pretty psyched.

Vegan Camping you ask? It’s not as hard as it may seem…Sample menus:

Breakfast: Hot cereals with agave or jam

Lunch: cous cous with dried veggies and/or lentils, dried soups

Dinner: Pasta or cous cous again with veggies, beans etc.  Also, they make organic backpacking meals now, most of which will specify vegetarian or vegan…pretty cool.  More salt though

Snacks: Peanut butter or almond butter! Good energy food, I just made a bag of raw almonds, cacao nibs and currants as a trailmix…anything goes!

An awesome find we just made today at the local health food store: Crunch dehydrated kale! It has a touch of tamari sauce and agave and WOW it is amazing.  I am having to resist eating it right now!  This way we will get SOME type of greenery to much on during the hike.

Obvious recommendation: LOTS and LOTS of water.

Additional note:

Personally, one of the main reasons we bought a handgun was for personal protection while backpacking.  There was just a story recently about two kids murdered near VTech.  Scary scary stuff…I fear the two-legged animals far more than the wild ones.

Legally, it is OK to carry your handgun open-carry in both Arizona and Utah.  I’ll be the first to admit it will feel a bit strange hiking for the first time with a holstered gun at my hip…but if it protects me that’s all that matters.  I pray to God I will never have to use it.

Coming back in 10 days from Thursday.  Expect gorgeous pics 🙂


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